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Core mass awareness vehicle utilized to provide branding, scale/reach and immediacy.


Extension of storytelling opportunities to reach targets where they are consuming video on the web


Our effective mass awareness vehicle purchased to provide frequency to inspire action. Opportunity to drive broad segmentation as well


Out of Home

Effective mass awareness vehicle that efficiently yields broad market coverage, or can narrowly target a specific location and provide directional assistance


Search is a key channel for delivering a brand message/affinity engagement/shopping opportunity as it is often the first-place consumers go to investigate


Provides target with an immersive experience from delivering content to reaching consumers when they are actively seeking information, delivers a brand’s message in a relevant, active environment



A highly-targeted mechanism for nurturing relationships with customers and advocates. Offers multiple opportunities to educate or prompt action

Direct Email

A highly-targeted mechanism to drive and reinforce messages among either current customers or effective at acquiring new customers/driving new engagements through strategic list/data mining


A mass affinity media channel that drives awareness and branding. Used for extended or complex messaging, credibility, audience engagement and newspapers for immediacy



Provides target with an immersive crowd-sourced experience from delivering information/education, to reaching customers when they are actively searching for perspective from others. Puts your message in a relevant, active environment

Content Marketing

Provides target with an active experience that delivers information, options, ideas and opportunities for them to develop a relationship with your brand without a direct selling experience. Available in multiple forms

Public Relations

Active management of your brand/company’s relationship with the public. Leverages non-paid engagements in multiple channels to drive media exposure and awareness


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Our Happy Clients

This is just a few, we’d love to share more success stories GMM has achieved with other happy clients

Beth is a great partner and mentor. Always collaborative, insightful, and adds value at all times  not to mention being a  pleasure to work with. Beth and GrayMatter Marketing is an asset to any team.  

Amy L. Levinson

President and Owner, A.L.L. GLobal Media Solutions, LLC

Beth (Gray Mater Marketing) is a critical member of our CBUS Retail leadership team. As a start-up non-profit we desperately needed help promoting our annual conference and Beth jumped in. She not only developed a strategic plan for social media, but executed it through her personal efforts, by recruiting low cost interns, and by educating and enlisting our broader team to become social network mavens, resulting in exceptional frequency, re-postings and views.  She is a take charge, get it done executive, who built exceptional relationships with everyone on the team. 

Steve Morris

Founder, CBUS Retail

Beth is a pleasure to work with.  She understands the business well and stays on top of new media channels in an ever-changing business.  Also negotiates reasonable and fair rates for all.  

Sally Slocum

Marketing Manager, M/I Homes

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